Christopher Reeve was a legendary Hollywood actor famous for many notable performances which received critical as well as popular acclaim. However, he is best remembered for playing the DC comic book hero “Superman” by his depiction of stunt and action scenes which transcended known limits of human capability and propelled his career to stratospheric heights. He, unfortunately, suffered life-threatening injuries in an accident suffered from a fall of a horse back in 1995 which left him quadriplegic, wheel-chair bound and dependent on a portable ventilator for the rest of his life.

Two books “Still Me” and “Nothing is Impossible”, written by him post the accident, which I had occasion to read recently, chronicle his life, struggle and efforts in trying to cope with the trauma of a major (to put it mildly) injuries and the subsequent rehabilitation process. Faced with an uncertain future, a body severally crippled and demented, both physically and mentally, he resolutely fought the demons of Depression to make his body strong and alert and infact made his Directorial debut in 1997, just two years after his accident. In doing so he also became a role model for millions of people who had suffered similar misfortunes/mishaps. He became a spokesman for various social causes and lobbied on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries towards expanding human embryonic stem cell research, apart from endorsing, with vigour and enthusiasm, several philanthropic causes. He passed away in 2004.

The purpose here is not to chronicle Christopher Reeve’s life but to use it as an example of extraordinary determination and a resolute will in dealing with adversity (maybe unforeseen), from causes over which one has no control and reasons which invariably, remain unfathomable.

At one stage while discussing his process of rehabilitation, and the difficulties and frustrations encountered therein he, very tellingly, writes as follows:-

So many of our dreams, at first, seem impossible;

Then they seem probable; and

Then when we summon the will they soon become INEVITABLE.

The above seemingly simple, but inherently thought-provoking words, exemplify the various stages one encounters when dealing with difficulty, in any sphere of life, whether personal, professional, emotional, mental or physical.

Infact dwelling on the power of Dreams, our late and most revered, President Dr A. P.J Abdul Kalam very also famously said :-

“Dream, Dream, Dream;

Dreams transform into thoughts; and

Thoughts result in action.”

The commitment and distinct identity of thoughts exhibited by the lives of these two iconic figures, straddling diverse and unrelated fields, are not only inspirational but also provide direction on channelizing efforts for continued progress while at the same time making the entire process enjoyable and pleasurable. Sustained and formal attention and devotion to a task can lead to a seemingly impossible target becoming probable and eventually attainable. Remember it is only the power of Dreams that has been the bulwark of civilizational growth/human progress and been the cause of almost all achievements/advancements in any field of endeavour. It is only dreams that incubate ideas and enable resources to be focussed on achieving them.

At the dawn of the third decade of the twenty first century, let us hope that we will all realise our dreams and find success as “INEVITABLE”.